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A CDL driver’s license in Arizona is provided to qualifying drivers who seek to legally operate heavy vehicles such as semi-trucks, tractor trailers, passenger buses and dump trucks. Getting a commercial driver’s license can be a simple process as long as the driver is aware of the expectations established by Arizona Department of Transportation, or AZDOT. Not only will a driver need to have the documents necessary to submit to the MVD office in Arizona, but he or she will also need to pass the physical requirements of getting a CDL, as well as the knowledge and road skills tests.

To obtain a CDL license in Arizona, all drivers must first meet the basic requirements for the license. CDL license requirements, including qualifying as an Arizona resident and proving age and identification, are just a few components about what is required for a CDL driver. Before applying for a commercial driver’s license, a driver should understand what is expected of him or her during both the application process, as well as the testing portion. Getting a CDL is different from getting a driver’s license in that it involves many more components of the qualification process. However, with the right dedication, obtaining a CDL can be fairly simple.

How to Get a Commercial Driver's License in Arizona

Understanding CDL license requirements in Arizona is the first step you must take in becoming a truck driver. To obtain a CDL drivers license, you must you must meet a variety of requirements including age, citizenship, driving experience, physical

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Renewing Your Arizona Drivers License

Drivers with expired drivers licenses in Arizona are required to complete the AZ drivers license renewal process if they would like to resume their driving activities within the state. Note that the standard Class D license issued to adult drivers is a credential with an extended validity that does not expire until the driver turns 65 years of age.

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Reinstating a Suspended Driver License in Arizona

Suspended or revoked driving licenses in Arizona are issued to motorists who fail to comply with the set laws and road regulations. An drvers license suspension or revocation may occur for both driving- or non-driving-related traffic misdemeanors.

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Obtaining New Driver License in Arizona

The procedure to get drivers licenses in Arizona must be completed by motorists who would like to legally operate their vehicles within the state. Applications for new drivers licenses in AZ are processed by the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

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Arizona ID Cards

Arizona identification cards are documents issued by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state Department of Transportation (DOT) for official identification purposes. Getting an ID card in AZ is a procedure that is generally completed by state residents who are unable to obtain a standard driver's license or choose not to drive.

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How to Replace an Arizona Driver’s License

Replacing drivers licenses in Arizona is a procedure that must be completed by drivers with damaged, stolen or lost drivers licenses, as driving without a valid credential is against state law. A replacement drivers license in AZ is also requested in different situations.

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Getting an Arizona Learners Permit

Applying for a learners permit in Arizona is a mandatory step for minors who want to obtain a regular driver’s license. Minor drivers are allowed to apply for a learners permit as soon as they turn 15 ½ years of age. Applicants may complete a graduated driver license (GDL) process if they are at least 16, but not older than 18 years of age.

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Drivers Test in Arizona

Taking a driving exam in Arizona is a mandatory step in the application process for a credential. Obtaining a driver license will give you the opportunity to legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads within the state. To get an AZ drivers license, you must satisfy all the requirements posed by the state Department of Transportation (DOT). One of those requirements is to pass a set of drivers exams at a regional DOT location.

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Driver License Change of Address

Motorists must perform an Arizona drivers license change of address in case they have recently moved to another place of residence. The AZ address changing procedure is administered by the state Department of Transportation (DOT). Per state laws and road regulations, you must undergo a DMV change of address in Arizona within 10 days of your move.

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Change Name on an Arizona Driver’s License

Drivers who have undergone a legal name change in Arizona due to marriage, divorce, court order or another reason, are required to perform a drivers license name change. Arizona name changes are typically processed by the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of the state Department of Transportation (DOT). If you have been subject to a name change, you must report the case within 10 days.

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