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Renew Arizona Car Registration

The Arizona vehicle registration renewal procedure is available through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Drivers are required to renew car registrations before approaching the expiration date written on their credential. The AZ MVD will mail auto registration renewal notices up to one month prior to the date of expiration. Failure to submit registration renewals will require additional fees. Depending on the emission testing requirements of each vehicle, drivers have different renewal requirements and renewal periods. To learn more about vehicle registration renewal, motorists can continue reading below.

Renewing Car Registrations in Arizona for New Residents

New residents can complete an Arizona car registration renewal procedure immediately upon arrival to the state. The first step that a new resident must take is surrendering his or her out-of-state title and registration and applying for a new one from the AZ MVD. New residents are required to renew auto registrations after their credentials expire. They are encouraged to use the most convenient AZ vehicle registration renewal method for them.

Note: Drivers can obtain a 90-day registration card which will allow them to operate their motor vehicles during the procedure for obtaining new registration and title.

Arizona Online Car Registration Renewal

When renewing vehicle registrations in Arizona, drivers can complete the procedure online through the MVD website. Before beginning the online process, motorists may be required to prepare their car registration renewal notice and complete an emission testing. Drivers who have not received a reminder may renew their credentials by providing their license plate numbers in the online system. The online service will also require you to supply your eight-digit record number and the last two digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The final step in the online auto registration renewal procedure is to submit payment for the service using your check, credit or debit card.

Note: The online method for renewing vehicle registrations can be used by military members who are on active duty out of the state.

Arizona Car Registration Renewal by Phone

Motorists can renew car registrations in Arizona without waiting in lines or without waiting for the credential to arrive in the mail. If you think that you will not be able to complete the online vehicle registration renewal process, you may avoid it and contact the MVD by phone. Drivers may renew auto registrations in AZ immediately by calling the MVD’s phone number.

Arizona Car Registration Renewal in Person

To renew car registrations in person, drivers need to visit a regional Arizona DMV office or an authorized third-party location. Drivers who are required to submit their vehicles to emissions testing must do so before visiting the branch. When renewing Arizona vehicle registrations in person, motorists must bring either their renewal notices or their current AZ car registration cards to any nearby DMV office throughout the state. In addition, drivers will be required to pay the appropriate fees and necessary taxes.

Arizona Car Registration Renewal by Mail

Drivers can also complete vehicle registration renewal procedures by mailing in the required documentation to the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division. Before you begin with the renewal process, make sure to confirm your vehicle inspection status, if needed. Drivers who have received an AZ vehicle registration renewal notice are advised to follow the instructions written on it. However, those who do not receive a reminder are still expected to renew auto registrations by submitting the needed documents. Once you pay the applicable fees, collect the whole documentation and mail it to the following address:

Note: This car registration renewal method is most suitable for military members who are stationed out of the state.