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Volunteering Opportunities in Arizona

Volunteering is an activity generally undertaken by individuals who would like to lend their skills and talents to help other residents within their community. A large number of volunteering opportunities are available through various non-profit organizations, which typically open a volunteers' call for short-term projects. Certain state agencies, such as the AZ Department of Economic Security (DES), also offer volunteer positions on an on-going basis. Through the DES Volunteer Engagement Center, for example, you can offer your skills as a driver, an interpreter or a clerical aide. Even if volunteers do not typically receive financial compensation for their efforts, they are still able to take advantage of other important benefits. For instance, by volunteering on a short or a long-term basis, you can develop your professional skills, gain the necessary work experience, meet individuals of similar interests, support a certain cause and/or build your confidence. Read the below sections to learn how and where to find volunteering positions in Arizona:

  • Volunteering through the state Department of Economic Security
  • Volunteering through the Corporation for National and Community Service
  • How to find other volunteering opportunities in Arizona

Volunteering Through the State Department of Economic Security

The Volunteer Engagement Center of the state Department of Economic Security regularly engages volunteers with the goal of improving its productivity and the quality of provided services. By enlisting volunteers, the state DES strengthens its team with individuals possessing unique skills and interests. Volunteers, on the other hand, are able to obtain the necessary work experiences and lend their help to the community, even without a formal degree.

The Volunteer Center collaborates with all DES programs in offering volunteering opportunities such as:

  • Bilingual assistants and translators
  • Internship positions
  • Drivers
  • Clerical aides
  • Administrative assistants
  • Interpreters
  • Client advocates

The above list is not all-inclusive and other positions may also be available. Note that the department reviews all applications, regardless of the applicant's age, ancestry, political affiliation, religion or whether or not he or she is disabled. Volunteers younger than 18 years of age will be required to obtain written parental permission prior to applying.

The most convenient method to apply for a volunteering position at the AZ Department of Economic Security is to use the DES internet application. When filling out the online form, volunteers will generally be required to provide several types of information, such as their personal data and contact information, as well as details about their educational and employment history. After completing several additional steps, such as providing information about their availability and details about their references, volunteers can submit their application. Once accepted, volunteers will be invited to commence the training sessions with the department's staff and/or authorized DES contractors.

Volunteering through the Corporation for National and Community Service

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is a government agency that offers volunteering opportunities to U.S. citizens within each state. The mission of the CNCS is to improve the lives of individuals and strengthen U.S. communities through the act of volunteering. Interested Arizona residents can easily find a volunteering position at one of the many CNCS partner organizations within the state.

The best method of locating a volunteer opportunity in Arizona is through the organization's online search platform known as Serve. When searching for a volunteering position through Serve, users can filter their results with parameters such as: location, distance or specific area of interest. Volunteers can also find an opportunity which will allow them to contribute their efforts during a specific national event, such as Veterans Day or Global Youth Service Day.

How to Find Other Volunteering Opportunities in Arizona

Volunteers within Arizona can also find a volunteering position through other government and non-government organizations. The official website of the state of Arizona lists several online resources that assist volunteering contributors in finding a position in an association where they can fully utilize their skills and talents.

Volunteer Match, for instance, is an internet platform that strives to connect non-profit organizations within the U.S. with volunteers that will meet their needs. Volunteers in Arizona can utilize the Volunteer Match search engine and find a position on a local, state or national level. Certain volunteering positions are also virtual, and in such cases, volunteers can complete their tasks from their home computers.

When searching for an open position through Volunteer Match, users can refine their search by utilizing numerous filters. For example, you can limit your results only to physical locations within your vicinity. You can also choose the areas in which you would like to lend your skills and talents, such as caring for seniors or veterans or working in the field of sports and recreation. Volunteers can also select their target group (children, teenagers or seniors). If you are familiar with the work of a certain organization, you can limit your search to positions offered by that organization as well.